Mediocre and Adequately Exclusive to strike fashion climax.

A-J-Store is an E store for all the stylistas who wants to have the hottest style picks but effortlessly. It is now time to part with your “I am too lazy”, “I have no time” and “We have no right stores” to shop. This store is an initiative to solve those whinings and provide a one stop page for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. If you frequent our page and are lucky enough you might grab items of which there is no clone and more importantly of high street fashion labels. :-). The genres of the collection revolve around Vintage, retro, bohemian and all things classic. You can also find attractive hand-me-downs (Read:sell-it-downs) and giveaways at even more attractive rates. And they are timeless so you too can hand it down. So, now all your shopping despairs solved with a scan, a peek and a click. Here, the only piece red “Nextt” leather bag is yours;ppp.  
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